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Gem Care Book
 This is an excellent book on tasking care of your precious heirlooms! This is the book we give to all our customers who spend $200 or more. Contact us for more information.



Speed Brite Ionic Cleaner & Gem Sparkle Cleaning Solution
Speed Brite Ionic Cleaners: These cleaners work by electrolysis. Ions are attached to dirt and grease rather than metals and stones. Surface tension is reduced permitting dirt, tarnish and oxidation to be lifted away from jewelry or other metal pieces with gentle bubble-without abrasion. No metal is lost. Stones are safely cleaned without potentially damaging friction, heat or abrasion that other cleaners produce. Rinsing and drying after immersion naturally enhances renewed luster. Other users are machine shops and silver replacement and antique shops. Ionic cleaning is at the same time gentle and powerful. Gem Sparkle Concentrate contains no caustic chemicals or ammonia. It is safe to the user and the environment.



Gem Sparkle Jewelry Cleaner Concentrate DOES IT ALL! Concentrated, odorless, this cleaning solution is an effective, fast-acting degreaser which also removes oxidation and brightens metal to a like-new finish. Gem Sparkle acts as the electrolyte in the ionic cleaning process and can be used repeatedly before it needs to be replaced. Dilution for general cleaning is 1 part Gem Sparkle to 6 parts water. You'll find that Gem Sparkle is an economical, effective cleaning agent. Not limited to Gem Cleaning, Gem Sparkle has made a name for itself. Imagine what you can clean with this concentrated solution! No shipping restrictions.


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